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Communities in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston and the surrounding communities provide everything that any family could want from an area—a range of top schools, a safe environment, and modern subdivisions with fantastic amenities. However, that’s not all that Kingston and the surrounding communities can brag about.

Situated almost directly in the middle of fast-paced cities Toronto and Montreal is the quaint community of Kingston, Ontario. ...

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Kingston’s Sustainable Pledge

Between 2008 and 2010, the City of Kingston was working diligently to create a plan to become one of the most sustainable cities in Canada. After looking at initiatives developed by some of the largest cities in Canada, the city of Kingston designed their plan to dramatically improve the way the city operates, and the way in which the city’s communities are designed. Some of the key elements that were tackled in the 2010 plan were:

  • How the city and its residents use natural resources;
  • How the land that Kingston sits upon is utilized;
  • How to ensure that the city is accessible for all;
  • How the city’s initiatives change the day-to-day realities of citizens;
  • How the community’s economy continues to grow and diversify.

In 2016, the city reevaluated their plan and identified the need to focus on specific and measurable outcomes. To be able to do that, they introduced six priority areas. Four of the main priority areas are the economic growth of the community, the environmental impact of that economic growth, ensuring the social needs of the community are met, and the promotion of health and happiness by enhancing the quality of life of the residents—as well as the quality of the city's services.

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Kingston’s Top Schools

Kingston is home to many top schools but the most notable ought to be the prestigious Queen’s University, which was founded in 1841 after a royal decree by Queen Victoria of England. The university boasts more than 23,000 students and has over 131,000 alumni from around the globe. The institution for education has had many notable people among its alumni including politicians and 57 Rhodes Scholars—an elite group of academics who have received an international postgraduate scholarship to Oxford University.

On top of the excellent post-secondary education system, Kingston also boasts highly rated elementary and secondary schools. Top performing schools in Kingston’s elementary system include Cathedrale and Mother Teresa, which score within the top 150 of Ontario’s nearly 3,000 elementary schools. Secondary schools such as Marie-Rivier, Notre Dame, and Kingston are also top performers coming in within the top 160 of Ontario’s 740 secondary schools.

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